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Workshop 2nd September: Catapult's International Innovation Hub – Economic Development Enabled by Space

You are invited to a workshop on the Catapult’s International Innovation Hub – ‘Economic Development Enabled by Space’, on Wednesday 2 September 2015. The event is taking place at the Satellite Applications Catapult in Harwell, where we will be exploring the potential business benefits of a Catapult International Innovation Hub based in Houston, for UK companies seeking to engage in the US space and other sectors, such as transport, renewable energy and cities. 

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Space Business Show Europe - April 2016, London

The Space Business Show Europe will be the very first marketplace that brings together space and satellite vendors with buyers in the emerging UK market.

The show will help the UK reach these targets by launching this new marketplace and bringing current technologies and research out of the lab and into the UK marketplace.

Download the prospectus to find out how you can be involved: http://www.terrapinn.com/template/live/documents/7514/15759?utm_campaign=7514%20Space%202015%20Exprom%202%2002&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua&elqTrackId=B6A848479B4F2BA24D6A3A450ACA1E31&elq=50ca66111d1b455bb89994a3b2ced818&elqCampaignId=13305&elqaid=58285&elqat=1#sthash.sPq66s5a.dpbs 


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