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Online course titled: ‘Introduction to Psychology in Extreme Environments’

"Hello and welcome to the Extreme Values School

Thank you for visiting the Extreme Values School and taking the time to read this personal message. The name 'Extreme Values' is inspired by one of the first extreme psychology projects I was involved in. That initial project led me to investigate the similarities and differences in the personal values of four different extreme environment groups (you can read the paper here if you are interested). Since getting involved in this area of research, I have been on my own intellectual expedition in search of answers (or at least an answer) that can help explain how individuals and teams in extremes perform well and stay healthy in the face of insurmountable stress. My hope in setting up the school is that it serves as a platform for sharing some of this research and what I have learnt about psychology in extreme settings. Having delivered countless lectures, seminars and workshops on this topic, it never fails to amaze me the interest that audiences have in understanding how intrepid people survive, and oftentimes thrive, in the most demanding of environments. Historically, there have been many great extreme endeavours from the Edwardian age of exploration and the pursuits of Scott and Shackleton at the South Pole, to the incredible feats of mountaineering and the achievements of humans in space. To the present day, there continue to be many frontiers where people are battling extreme conditions in pursuit of both personal and professional ambitions. Think of the Antarctic scientists who overwinter in the coldest place on Earth, the saturation divers living beneath the great oceans, or the astronauts preparing for voyages out-of-orbit and into the depths of our solar system. If you have ever wondered who these people are, how they cope, and what happens to them in these challenging, demanding and hostile situations, then you are in the right place. The courses we have developed provide an insight into the psychology of people in extreme environments. The material and content used in these programmes is based on well-researched scientific principles translated into useful, interesting and hopefully practical information for the extreme environment and expedition community. The overall aim of the Extreme Values School, is to provide education that can support people to both survive and thrive in the world's most extreme contexts.

I hope you enjoy learning about this fascinating area of psychology as much as I do. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or need help with anything whilst completing the course(s).

All the very best,


More information and to enrol, click here: https://extremevalues.teachable.com/ 

Image credit: IFL science

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