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Human Spaceflight and Weightlessness Science Workshop

Participate to the 2018 Human Spaceflight and Weightlessness Science Workshop, organized by CNES, at ENAC (French Civil Aviation University), located in Toulouse, south of France.

The aim of the workshop is to put forward the works that have been conducted by CADMOS and its partners in the field of human spaceflight and weightlessness science during the last years. The idea is to share results, views and knowledge, and to prepare the future with the scientific community.

Spend your spare time visiting La Ville Rose, enjoying access to downtown Toulouse, the Capitole, Canal du Midi, and more.

The event will take place in September 2018, from 19th to 21th.

Programme committee
chaired by S├ębastien BARDE

Organizing committee

AMEN Laurence, CNES

For more information, visit: http://humanspaceflight2018.com/

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