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DigitalHealth.London has partnered with RYSE Asset Management LLP in an ambitious new venture

DigitalHealth.London recently went live with the RYSE EARLY STAGE OPPORTUNITY FUND. This is an exciting opportunity for digital health companies looking for seed funding of £200K - £300K typically. 

Using their extensive networks and market knowledge of the health and care sector, DigitalHealth.London will provide expertise that assesses the feasibility of, and clinical needs met by each application in order to assist RYSE Asset Management in identifying a small number of potential investments.

Focused on helping to build the capability of innovators as well as supporting the NHS to find digital solutions that solve problems relating to the delivery of health and care, DigitalHealth.London is fast establishing its position as a leading voice in the digital health market. Ultimately, striving toward building a global digital health capital, in partnership.

Together, digital health experts and fund managers are working to support the growth and development of a number of promising early stage digital health businesses that have shown potential in addressing identified health and care needs within the NHS. The collaboration signals an opportunity for digital health businesses who are considering raising funds to benefit. The partnership will also enable the creation and funding of digital tools and applications that improve patient experiences, drive operational efficiency in the NHS and build long term value for investors.

Yinka Makinde of DigitalHealth.London explained“Our extensive networks and intimate market knowledge of the health and care sector, particularly around digital solutions, means we are able to signpost RYSE toward innovations that we believe are meeting a need and offer real potential in providing positive and lasting impacts on the health outcomes for patients. In addition, we bring the highly regarded power of the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN) and its proven approach to brokering relationships that can support and facilitate the rapid scaling up of these products.”

Sarah Haywood, CEO, MedCity, added: “Access to finance is a critical issue for the success of all companies, particularly in healthcare and life sciences. We want to see innovative products and services being delivered to patients and this can only happen with the support of the investment community. Partnerships like this between DigitalHealth.London and RYSE help to bring exciting companies to potential investment, and play an important role in creating a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurialism and a knowledge economy.”

Shabir Chowdhary and Claudio D’Angelo, Managing Partners at RYSE Asset Management LLP commented: “RYSE is very excited to be working with DigitalHealth.London to identify and support early stage digital health businesses that have the potential to offer new solutions and reduce costs. The offering aims to address an investment or funding gap in the market which is largely overlooked by institutional and professional investors due to the time involved in undertaking due diligence on a number of early stage companies and their principals or founders. Combining our investment management expertise with the experience and networks of DigitalHealth.London, we are confident we will be able to make a tangible contribution to the digital health and care market.”

You can read more about the application process and apply here: https://digitalhealth.london/digitalhealth-london-ryse-early-stage-opportunity-fund/

You can also see the full media release from RYSE Asset Management here: http://www.ryseam.com/en/news

For the full article, click here: https://digitalhealth.london/digitalhealth-london-ryse-asset-management/ 

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