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Consultation on draft National Strategy for Space Environments and Human Spaceflight

If you or your organisation is involved in human spaceflight and/or research in space environments, you may be interested to know that the UK Space Agency is undertaking a consultation on a national strategy for this area.

The consultation, draft strategy and all details are available online at https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/national-strategy-space-environments-and-human-spaceflight .

The closing date for responses is 17 October 2014.

The UK Space Agency is keen to hear from a wide range of stakeholders, so if you have time to provide your views please do so and please also forward this on to other interested parties.  

Andrew Kuh

Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Programme Manager


Polaris House, Swindon SN2 1SZ

An executive agency for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)

Horizon 2020 Space – Consultation for definition of the 2016-17 Work Programme

  Over the course of the 7 year programme the budget allocated within Horizon 2020 to the Space Work Programmes is expected to approach 1.5bn Euros.  There is significant opportunity there for R&D funding if the topics are well suited to applicant needs.  There is an opportunity now to have your say on the content of future calls.  With the 2014 Call already closed, and the final version of the 2015 Work Programme soon to be published, attention is now turning to the definition of the activities to be supported in the 2016-17 Work Programme. 

The European Commission has released a questionnaire as part of consultation for the definition of the H2020 Space 2016-17 work programme.  The UK Space Agency is putting together the UK response.  Inputs are requested by 2nd September for consideration in that response.

Note, that the questionnaire does not cover navigation activities.  These are to be covered via a separate process.

For more information on Horizon 2020 please visit www.h2020uk.org and http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/

Please respond with inputs, or any questions, to:

Dr. Lee Boland

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The consultation questionnaire and the response template are available for download from _connect: http://tinyurl.com/mpbscpf

UK Space Environments R&D Survey

The UK Space Agency is surveying the size and shape of the UK community engaged with microgravity / space environments research.  This will ensure that the agency has an up-to-date and accurate picture of current research activity in the UK, and will inform future planning and investment decisions.

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