Strategy R&D Themes


1. Independent Living - Ageing, Lifestyle & Nutrition

  1. Frailty, wellbeing, independent and assisted living.
  2. Pathologies related to inactivity.
  3. Intrinsic and extrinsic influences on cell biology.
  4. Influence of nutrition on health status.
  5. Influence of exercise on health status.

2. Telemedicine / e-Health / Biotechnology

  1. Ambulatory healthcare.
  2. Preventative medicine.
  3. Biomonitoring and autonomous healthcare.
  4. Non/minimally invasive medical devices and procedures.
  5. Technology-enabled care programs and new methods for healthcare delivery and independent living.

3. Morbidity in relation to space travel

  1. Healthcare preparations for commercial human spaceflight
  2. Healthcare support to the commercial human spaceflight sector.

4. Human Factors and Performance

  1. Optimisation of individual and team performance for personal health and productivity.
  2. Monitoring and assessing human performance across leisure and operational activities.
  3. Human Factors, Human Computer Interaction and Human Robot Interaction design and systems integrations.
  4. Improved performance and mitigation of habitability, environmental and behavioural factors that pose significant risk to health and performance.

Tags: Strategy

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