Aims and Objectives



  1. To advance the research and conduct of space life and biomedical sciences in the UK.
  2. To benefit terrestrial healthcare.
  3. To enhance UK innovation and economic growth.
  4. To prepare the UK to effectively participate in future human spaceflight activities.
  5. To contribute to, and benefit from, international collaboration.
  6. To benefit / serve the interests of the Organisation’s members.


  1. Identify, propose, ratify and subsequently pursue a strategy centered upon augmented C3 between academic, industrial and, where appropriate, Governmental organisations. The strategy* will formally establish and develop space life and biomedical sciences as a field within the UK.
  2. Disseminate pertinent knowledge and information to the members and UK society as a whole.
  3. Establish and maintain an efficient means of C3 between the space life and biomedical sciences and other disciplines with related interests and activities.
  4. Foster and develop mutually beneficial relationships at national and international levels between academic, scientific, healthcare and industrial sector bodies conducting activities that pertain to human spaceflight.
  5. Establish a means to facilitate and support space life and biomedical research undertaken in the UK.
  6. To develop and offer to UK pupils and students avenues, facilities and services for space life and biomedicine education and career enhancement.
  7. Provide and advertise opportunities for early career professionals to gain the experience necessary for continuing professional development in the field.
  8. To hold a UK space life and biomedicine conference at least biennially.
  9. To work with government, other political bodies and UK research bodies to enhance UK involvement in European and bilateral space life and biomedicine research programmes, obtain funding for such programmes, and secure a pragmatic and beneficial human space flight policy in the UK.

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