1. The UK Space Life and Biomedical Sciences Association exists to improve communication, cooperation and collaboration (C3) between UK based organisations and individuals involved or interested in research, healthcare, outreach and educational activities related to space life and biomedical sciences and the human element of human spaceflight.
  2. It will unite and leverage current complimentary activities in the domain and offer a unified voice and perspective to external bodies.
  3. As the focal organisation representing the field of space life and biomedical sciences in the UK it will facilitate the creation of an appropriately skilled workforce to enhance UK international competitiveness in the field of human spaceflight.
  4. The UKSpaceLABS exists to support and enhance member scientific, academic, career and industrial activities and interests for the benefit of the members themselves and the UK more broadly, with an emphasis on academic/industrial collaboration and the optimisation of IP management and its application to market.

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